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Challenges in recognising wheezing in young children

Haut-parleurs: Prof. J. Saglani, Y. Bingham, E.S. Scotney

April 21st, 2022

17:00 - 18:00

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Wheezing is the symptomatic manifestation of any disease process which causes airway obstruction. It is a musical, high pitched, adventitious sound generated anywhere from the larynx to the distal bronchioles during either expiration or inspiration. The identification of wheeze is important for the asthmatic symptom control in children and to prevent attacks. However, wheeze is a subjective sound and can be described in many ways. The conceptual understandings of the sound of wheeze for parents are different from epidemiology definitions.

Join this live webinar to learn more about the latest insights in diagnosing and managing wheeze. Ask your question about this topic during the live Q&A.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to recognise wheeze
  • Getting familier with the basics of inhalation techniques
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